Specially designed automated system for bill processing
SmartBill is a new product in the software range based on Smart Document Processing technology, developed by TopSoft Company for input and processing of phone bills. Application has simple user-friendly interface and wide possibilities of obtained data export.

SmartBill is specially designed for handling data contained in phone bills. Possibilities of program allow easy and fast acquiring of data contained in bill tables and built-in rule sets allow checking its correctness. Supported TWAIN32 interface provides compatibility and reliable work with most of modern scanners. 
SmartBill consists of several functional blocks, integrated in a single interface and allowing implementation of any necessary operation for phone bill processing.
SmartBill is a powerful application for processing phone bills, including scanning, recognizing, validating and exporting stages. All necessary data of your phone bills is detected, extracted, validated and exported to be inputted into any accounting system.
Scanning or Adding
The first stage of phone bill processing in SmartBill is obtaining images from the scanning stage. Scan functions used in the application support work with scanners via TWAIN32 interface; with all this going on you can configure all necessary scan settings to reach quality of images by selecting relevant parameters; phone bills can be scanned in a single mode or entirely. Besides, images might be acquired manually from other sources (HDD, e-mail, and fax) by adding them to the images pool.
Next step is recognition of obtained images. This function is performed by embedded OCR Engine without user intervention. Recognition speed and efficiency depends on quality of scanned images. As soon as the first document is added, its name appears in the project window. Names of all added documents are listed in the respective order. The system will automatically start recognition of the received documents one after another with extraction of corresponding document fields.
If during processing there were no recognition or logical mistakes that this stage is missed; in the other way, mistakes should be corrected and, for your convenience, symbols which the system considered as uncertain will be indicated in green color, so that you do not need to check the whole text. The list of all mistakes is presented in document errors window. After correction stage is successfully completed documents will be automatically exported, in case they do not contain any mistakes, otherwise the system will suggest rechecking of the documents fields, user fixes them, after which application checks correctness of data and exports checked data. 
The final stage of processing is data export. Data containing no errors is automatically exported into HTML and XML files and ready for import into accounting system or in any others.

Automatic phone bill processing
Automatic identification, recognition and extracting data from any phone bills. This program solution automatically extracts data from single or multipage phone bills.

Drag-and-drop adding of phone bill images
The “drag-and-drop adding” allows inputting of images to a working process manually.

No OCR engine training
The application doesn’t need to be trained on phone bills. All necessary actions for processing them are configured.

Processing of tables
SmartBill can recognize and extract data from tables.

Data location
Data can be found elsewhere using any available information: relation to other objects on the page, contents of the field, its size, lines drawn around, etc.

Recognition of key data
SmartBill will identify the key data of phone bills. During the validation stage of the processing, this information will be shown to the user for validation or correction.

Color marking
If system has some doubt in recognition of symbols they will be colored in green color that will help user to detect what symbols were recognised as uncertain. 

Convenient windows docking
In SmartBill you can easily move windows where you want that will make a convenient and fast way to work with application.

 XML/HTML export
SmartBill delivers all the extracted data in an XML or a HTML files and ready to be imported into any accounting system or others.


  • works right out of the box;
  • superior recognition accuracy;
  • work with table data (recognition of tables)
  • capability to find data elsewhere, using any information available: relation to other objects on the page, contents of the field, its size, lines drawn around, etc.;
  • export to HTML/XML;
  • considerably reduces data processing time;
  • enhanced scan options;
  • supports TWAIN32 interface.

Hardware requirements:

CPU: P4 2.0 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 80 GB 7200 rpm
TWAIN-compatible scanner

Software requirements:

Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows 2000 Service Pack 4
.NET Framework 1.1