TopSoft SmartInvoice
Custom-made software, designed for work with invoices and documents based on the Smart Document Processing – advanced technology developed and actively implemented by TopSoft for flow input and processing of large volume of paper documents. SmartInvoice is simple to install and work with it, if you tried once you won’t be able to work without it.

Program solution that can replace manual processing of invoices’ stream and could be mostly used without your intervention. If you need a program solution that occupies one workstation, so SmartInvoice Professional is your choice.
SmartInvoice is a perfectly cost-effective product for using on a standalone workstation. Installing, operating and support are easy and require minimal effort and resources. The low total cost ownership in combination with powerful data capture capabilities.
SmartInvoice is designed to process invoices and based on the Smart Document Processing – advanced technology developed and actively implemented by TopSoft for flow input and processing of large volume of paper documents. SmartInvoice Professional processes invoices through scanning, recognizing, checking, correction and exporting stages. All key data on invoices is automatically located, data from fields extracted, checked or corrected manually and exported. The images of invoices after scanning will be automatically saved wherever you like. SmartInvoice Professional is simple to install and use, if you tried once, you won’t be able to work without it.

Invoice Scanning and Adding
Our program product supports all leading production scanners via TWAIN32 interface; it has wide range of scanning settings adjustments and enables adding one or several images. A user puts documents into a feeder and scans them. Besides, images might be acquired from other sources (HDD, e-mail and fax) by inputting them into document pool to be processed.

Image Enhancement
During scanning, images of invoices can be cleaned-up: black borders and holes removed, “noise” reduced, de-skewed, and rotated when necessary, all contribute to higher quality images for recognition.

SmartInvoice Professional applies zone to first find of the data on the invoices, then capture and extract all your required data from fields, such as invoice date, invoice number and invoice total. SmartInvoice Professional is not limited by amount of the fields to be recognised and extracted so it can be configured to recognise all your necessary fields.

Validation – Verification
A customizable interface displays invoice image and recognition results in the center of window and on the left accordingly, indicating fields and characters that need correction. System compares fields of invoice and if all extracted data is right then documents move to an export stage; in the other way, if there are recognition mistakes the system will mark those characters that were indefinitely recognized or wrong, so user can correct exactly them.

Data and Image Export
SmartInvoice Professional supports a large set of accounting and imaging systems to enable concomitant exports of invoices extracted data and images. Export of invoices data and images might be done into any combination of ERP, databases or others accounting systems.

SmartInvoice Viewer
Program module specially developed for navigation through all invoices – are they at the beginning of processing or were successfully exported. SmartInvoice Viewer allows users an easy searching process to define the processed invoices by indicating them either by one field or by combination of fields in the search options. User can set up the most convenient representation format of exported invoices tree (for example, by date, supplier’s name, total value and etc.), it is made to perform easier a search process by invoices. Information about processed invoices is represented in various formats (PDF, XML, etc.). User can save and open export archives to/from any data medium: hard disk drive, compact disk or external storage.

  • works right out of the box;
  • superior recognition accuracy;
  • capability to find data elsewhere, using any information available: relation to other objects on the page, contents of the field, its size, lines drawn around, etc.;
  • comprehensive export facilities;
  • archiving/document management software with minimal operator’s intervention;
  • automatic sorting by original document’s date;
  • substantially reduces data processing time;
  • TWAIN32 interface support and enhanced scan options.


Hardware requirements:

CPU: P4 1.8 GHz;
RAM: 512 MB;
TWAIN-compatible scanner.

Software requirements:

OS: Windows XP Service Pack 2 Windows 2000 Service Pack 4;
.NET Framework 1.1.

Recommended Scanners


These are industrial sweep scanners for up to A4 paper size with the possibility of double-sided scanning. They meet highest requirements in mechanical section of paper serving and capture, scanning of paper with different levels of compactness, convenience of equipment administration in intensive document scanning flow conditions. They support USB interface, TWAIN scanning protocol. Tray capacity is 25 pages, operating speed is up to 20 pages per minute.