SmartRecovery – recovers quality of damaged documents

SmartPage is a module which links to the existing Smart Capture application used for correspondence processing and corporate scanning within the organization (company). The SmartPage desktop application could be deployed as a particular application available for all staff.

The small desktop application could be used by any staff member to convert images and pdfs into text by simple use of a “File Open” type dialogue box similar to the dialogue box used in “Word” or by “Drag and Drop” into the applications. The user just opens the application and selects the documents which need a conversion from the dialogue box. The application then passes those documents to Smart Capture and returns the converted documents to the user’s desktop application. This method secures the whole process – images and documents are only visible to the individual user, and all interactions with Smart Capture are handled by the Desktop application. This also allows error messages to be passed back to the user and, if required, to the Image Capture support staff if any critical errors occur.