SmartScan Professional
One of the most perspective products in the field of automated documents’ scanning and processing. SmartScan provides high capture quality and documents’ batch generation for the subsequent processing and storing. TWAIN- scanners are also supported by SmartScan.

Fast and easy-to-use solution which gives you a large specter of services for scanning management
Paper documents handling is one of the biggest issue in any company. Our program product allows clients to simplify their paper problems and it will help to save clients time, money and effort.It is easy-to-use program that is specially designed for scanning all types of documents.
Flexible configuring of scan mode, support of TWAIN-compatible scanners, built in system of barcodes and patch codes recognition and it is not all list of possibilities.All work carried out in SmartScan Pro is done in batches; all scanned/added images are saved to and processed within batches, and each project has its own individual settings.
Every project can contain subbatches, documents and pages. Your documents can be automatically structured during scanning according to the Batch settings.SmartScan Pro is an application designed for conversion of paper documents and images into indexed structured output.

High Volume
We have the capacity to process large amount of documents per day, and we meet quality standards on all our processes and procedures. The user places the batch of documents to the scanner and starts scanning. After the batch has been scanned user sends the created Project for further processing.

Document Preparation and Processing
Staples, brads, and paper clips will have to be removed, as will post-it notes and other attachments. Our product allows scanning documents under different settings such as type of scanning mode (b&w, gray, color), various modes of compression, resolution, auto-scanning, auto-alignment, duplex mode, removing black borders of scanned documents, holes made by puncher on the edges of documents, etc.

Image Adding and Removing
Scanned images can be maximized, minimized and rotated as required to be acceptable to eligible view. Also there is a possibility to add images that already have been scanned to a common stream of images and form.

Pick up of Batches and Document Pool
All scanned documents are forming in batches or can be manually formed in a batch by adding to a pool of all documents.

Various possibilities of using separators (page stream can be divided on separate documents according to a structure of division, which user set at stage of project creation). Different settings of scanning procedure that allows to get a high quality of images. SmartScan Pro can transfer images to a specified destination folder on a local or remote computer using FTP-connection.

Images Export 
SmartScan Pro has a capability to export scanned images to a different formats (TIFF, JPEG, PNG, etc). It can export to a TIFF format page by page. Also it can export scanned images to PDF and MultiTiff files.


  • possibility to check Image/Document Quality on-line with the help of SmartScan Viewer;
  • no pre-sorting required;
  • auto Images Quality Enhancer;
  • advanced algorithms for adaptive threshold detection;
  • built in technology of recognition patch codes and bar codes;
  • possibility of using separators (stream of pages might be divided on single documents, according to the division structure), image deskew, blank page skip, noise removal;
  • automatic detection of page orientation;
  • line and black border removal are applied dynamically when scanning or importing images to TSC;
  • supports TWAIN compatible scanners;
  • various possibilities to configure export (processed images might be stored in PDF, TIFF files and in multitiff files);

CPU: P4 2,0 MHz
RAM: 256 Mb
Network adapter: 3Com 100Mbit.
HDD: 40 Gb 7200
SCSI2 Card:

  • USB 2.0
  • TWAIN-compatible scanner

Note: SmartScan Pro supports the industry standard TWAIN protocol and compatible with the industrial scanners: Canon, Avision, Banktech, Bell&Howell, Fujitsu, Kodak, Scamax.

Software requirements:

OS: Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows 2000 Service Pack 4
.NET Framework 3.5