SmartCapture automated data input system has exceeded all expectations. It takes the system only seconds to scan, recognize, verify, register and export payment order together with 3 to 5 attachments. As a result, BelInvestBank have been able to reduce dramatically the number of operators from 30 to 6, while increasing the throughput from 1,000 to 10, 000 payment orders per day. The number of operators involved in manual data entry dropped from 30 to 6. This enabled the bank to process about 10 times as many payments orders as before. 

The solution had to meet the following requirements: to be able to export into the bank’s information system both data and the images of unstructured payment orders and appended documents, and finally, to be cost effective. Having analyzed and compared various OCR/ICR systems available on the market, BelInvestBank chose TopSoft SmartCapture (Bank edition) as the only system completely meeting the project requirements. With the help of technical specialists from JV ITSoft Belarus, a network solution based on TopSoft SmartCapture license was installed and the workflow was organized as follows:

  • 2 Canon Dr3080C duplex scanners are used to scan payment orders and appendices;
  • TopSoft SmartCapture automatically detects unstructured payment orders and recognizes them using its powerful ABBYY OCR/ICR/OMR/barcode recognition technologies;
  • after that the recognized data are verified, both automatically with the help of automatic validation rules and visually by operators (all this guarantees 100% reliable results) and registered at the bank EDM System;