TopSoft SmartCapture 9.0
The latest version of document processing and data capture software solution. The solution is defined by fast and accurate capture quality for paper or computer-based documents and forms of any complexity and structure. SmartCapture processes and exports any data to accelerated input/output systems, electronic archives, databases, corporate data integration systems and EDMS.
more about SmartCapture…

  • Cloud computing: accelerated data processing;
  • Wide setting capability: fast adaptation to the existing business-processes;
  • Use of working area: ease of transfer to other processes. Creation of several independent virtual systems for the departments – the whole System is designed the way each department works with self-sufficient system but still centrally adjustable;
  • Expansion of check capabilities: reduction of risks related to document information loses or skew;
  • Automated load distribution: scalability and accuracy increase. Automated priority distribution of the documents in a queue;
  • Open API: capability of wide integration with other business-processes up to SmartCapture functional modules’ embedding into your software and vice-versa (so the personell don’t need to be retrained);
  • Built-in analytic modules: not only accuracy increase but prompts to an operator the further actions while processing;
  • Wide integration capabilities: built-in duplex interaction with CMS, DMS, ERP, CRM systems. Built-in configurators allow to define integration wideness and interacting level independently;
  • Low total cost of software ownership;
  • Fast return of investment;   
  • Use of templates: The system has more than 100 different processing templates. So, you can use the best practices  of other companies with your configurations, and this improves the System’s deploying time.