In 2011 TopSoft faced an ambitious and wide-scale project to realize. The main object was to automate paper and computer-made invoice processing.

The largest television company in Australia FOXTEL came as the customer those days FOXTEL’s Accounts Payable team processed 50,000 hardcopy invoices per year, with manual handling, data entry and filing.

Aiming to lower costs of manual processing, enhance accuracy and processing speed urged FOXTEL to start a global automation of this business-process with the help of modern, flexible and high-scalable IT software solution.

The project itself for TopSoft was quite original, complex but nevertheless very interesting. The special realization feature was that there were two sources of documents’(hardcopy invoices) input into the System - via regular paper posting and via e-mails (PDF and JPEG). In the first case paper invoices are manually scanned to initiate an automated processing; in the second case invoices received via e-mail are being processed immediately. SmartCapture initiates an inspection of the e-mail’s content: if the e-mail didn’t have an attached invoice or the content was incorrect the system automatically replies to a sender about the mistakes as well as receipt confirmation if the message content was correct.

The next step is a basic text recognition by predefined cognition template, and further export of the results to PeopleSoft database. Previously TopSoft implemented an integration of SmartCapture with PeopleSoft. The main feature of this integration is that SmartCapture applies to PepleSoft contractors’ and operations’ database and if an invoice contains a purchase order SmartCapture would than compare all the information from PepleSoft attached to that purchase order number. If the purchase order was missed SmartCapture applies to PepleSoft by ABN and compares only contractor’s attributes and further data is processed by the checks predefined for particular template.